Product Information
Corrugated Plane Valve Drum Vacuum Washer
Product Description

patents No.ZL2008 2 0026182.X and No.ZL2008 2 0025892.0, and considered as an ideal substitute for forth generation of drum washer. Performance data successfully reaches international advanced level, such as large production capacity per unit area, filtering area increased greatly by the corrugated type filter plate, preventing back flow and "screen blocking”, plane film sealed distributing valve increasing vacuum, steady running and easy maintenance.
Advantage(5th vacuum washer): 
1.Large production capacity per unit area. 
2.Drum using conical channel technology, increasing flow and filtrate throughput. 
3.Plane valve fixed by multipoint, stable working clearance and vacuum. 
4.Plane distributing valve occupies less area, compact structure, convenient to repair. 
5.The corrugated plate increases effective filter area, preventing back flow and "screen blocking". 
6.Spreading press and agitation techniques, easy mixing and improved washing efficiency . 
7.Combined side plate, feeding pulp by weir plate, divided seal structure, steady running and easy maintenance. 
8.The speed of main drive is changeable through frequency conversion, electric energy consumption can be reduced.