Product Information
Single Screw Press
Product Description

Screw press can be used for thickening the chemical bleached pulp, CMP, waste paper pulp, etc. and especially suitable for extracting black liquor during black liquor extraction stages. Pulp is pushed forward by the shaft through its screw-diameter and pitch changing. Pulp volume decreases gradually, and the extracted filtrate flows into tank through screen meshes. Outlet consistency can also be adjusted by control of screw rotating speed or pressure of plug device at discharge end.
Advantages :
1.Low rotate speed, low power demand and low noise.
2.Special structure design, preventing pulp slippage, stable discharge consistency .
3.High dewatering efficiency, extracting 80% black liquor from the pulp, drier pulp cake.
4.Applicable pulps: straw pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wood pulp, etc.
5.Enclosure design, preventing smell and black liquor overflow.
6.Completely mechanical extrusion dewatering, installation height not needed.