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Twin Roll Wash Press
Product Description

Twin Roll Wash Press:

   By adopting principle of displacement and press, wash press can achieve continuous dewatering and washing. It can be recognized as world advanced function and higher technical standard of black liquor extracting, pulp bleaching & washing equipment. It's suitable for chemical pulp, chemi-mechanical pulp and recycled paper. It's reliable in performance, and reach advanced international standard. It can be equipped with a production capacity of 100, 000 - 1, 500, 000 tons annually.

Advantages :
1.Combined with dewatering, displacement and press, better washing efficiency.
2.Pulp-distribution device of proprietary intellectual property rights, improved distributing effect.
3.Advanced hydraulic drive system, reliable and stable performance.
4.No vacuum requirement due to pressing principle, installed at different height, less building costs.