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Wenrui 5th generation vacuum drum washer successfully into the north American market
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  Wenrui signed a 67㎡ vacuum drum washer contract with the Woodland pulp mill of  United States at Dec 2014. Wenrui engineers start to guide the installation work at Aug 2015, finish installation work at 24th Oct and start-up at 25th Oct.

  This vacuum drum washer is our 5th generation structure with conical channel and new plane distribution valve technology, have good running condition and capacity is 1360TPD (for hardwood pulp), vacuum is about 0.03MPa and dryness is more than 12%. Per day’s capacity is more than 20T/㎡(wood pulp)

  This vacuum drum washer application for oxygen delignification washing stage, good washing effect reducing the chemical consumption and production cost, producing good economic benefits.

  The success of this project has a great significance for Wenrui products into the high-end market in North America.