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Representative of Canadian Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation visited Wenrui
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    On June 2nd, 2016, Mr. Sami Joro from Canadian Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation visited Wenrui, who is fiberline superintendent of Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation to check drum manufacture of vacuum drum washer. Technical president Chen Yonglin, technical department manager Ma Huanxing and sales companied.

    During the visit, Mr. Sami Joro saw Wenrui advertising video firstly, Mr. Chen introduced Wenrui business, recent reference and current important project, mainly introduced Wenrui product, technology and process, convey Wenrui consistent service concept of “solution service provider of pulp-paper integration” and Wenrui development and reference on North American market.

    After knowing Wenrui profile, with company of Wenrui technical and quality stuff, Mr. Sami Joro visited plant, on site of the drum manufacture for his company, he observed and know carefully all details of manufacture.

    After communicating and inspecting, Mr. Sami Joro knew better about Wenrui process, quality control, manufacture level, service attitude and idea. In the end, Mr. Sami Joro said he felt relieved to cooperate with Wenrui and hoped to cooperate more in future. Meanwhile, Mr. Sami Joro also wishes Wenrui could gain more proud achievement in North American market.