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Talent recruitment

Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1. Use two-dimensional and three-dimensional software to design the complete machine of mechanical equipment;
2. Solve the technical problems in the production process;
3. Prepare technical plans and price verification plans; cooperate with the market for technical exchanges;
4. Assist customers in product debugging;
5. Engage in product technology innovation and structural improvement.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree in mechanical design related major;
2, skilled application of caxa, solidworks, AutoCAD and other design software;
3. Have good morals and communication skills, dedication and teamwork.

Electrical automation design engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1. Design and debugging of low-voltage electrical;
2. Selection and debugging of instrument valves;
3. Design and debugging of automatic control system.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree in mechanical and electrical related majors;
2. Have good morals and communication skills, dedication and teamwork.

quality inspector

Job Responsibilities:
More than 3 years of machine processing experience, proficient in the use of cursors, micrometers and indicating measuring tools; ability and willingness to learn new skills, and good conduct.

job requirements:
Age 20-40 years old, technical secondary school/technical school or above, major in machinery or processing experience is preferred.

Wenrui Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd was established in 1956 and is located in Anqiu City, Shandong Province.Wenrui has 3 production bases with an area of ​​200,000 square meters and a workshop area of ​​90,000 square meters.

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