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Control system of twin roll press Control system of twin roll press


Control system of twin roll press

Product Description

The twin-roll press is mainly used in the thickening process in pulp washing. Its output, pulp dryness and washing effect are the key indicators, and the rotating speed of the equipment, feed flow, pressure, etc. are important factors affecting these indicators.The control software package developed according to the production process requirements and the actual situation can meet the user's process index requirements and ensure the safety of the equipment.

A flow meter and a regulating valve are installed on the feeding pipeline. According to needs, the feeding flow can be set on site and the control valve can be automatically controlled by the control system. The output signal adjusts the opening of the proportional control valve in the oil circuit, so as to automatically adjust the speed of the two squeeze rollers to achieve the required concentration and output.


1. There are liquid level switches, temperature sensors, etc. in the hydraulic oil tank. When the oil level is too low or the oil temperature is too high, an alarm will be issued and the corresponding pumps and valves will be stopped.

2. When the output and concentration change, it can be automatically adjusted to achieve the required performance indicators.


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