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Multi-Disc Filter Multi-Disc Filter


Multi-Disc Filter

Product Description

The vacuum formed by the suction action of the water leg is used to realize the distribution of solid and liquid with the help of the filter medium, and the filtrate of different quality is obtained through the distribution of the area of ​​the distribution valve.It is the commonly used equipment for white water recovery and slurry concentration.When used for white water treatment, it can realize water resource recycling and fiber recovery; when used for slurry concentration, the single machine has high output and less fiber loss.

1. When white water is recycled, the fiber recovery rate is high, water recycling is realized, water consumption is reduced, and waste and pollution during white water discharge are eliminated;

2. When the slurry is concentrated, the concentration of the slurry is high, which can reach 10-14%;

3. The structure of the filter disc is diversified, economical and applicable, high strength, easy to replace, large effective filtering area, and good filtering effect;

4. The equipment models and specifications are complete, and the filter area can be changed according to different output requirements;

5. The distribution plate of special wear-resistant material has good sealing effect;

6. High degree of automation, convenient operation and reliable performance;

7. Compact structure, small footprint and large production capacity;

8. Produce good economic and social benefits.


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