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Equipment Solutions

Multi-Disc Filter

The vacuum formed by the suction of the water legs is used to achieve solid-liquid separation with the help of filter media, and the filtrate of different quality is obtained through the distribution of the area of ​​the distribution valve.It is the commonly used equipment for white water recovery and slurry concentration.When used for white water recovery, water resources can be recycled and fibers can be recovered; when used for pulp concentration, the single machine has high output and less fiber loss.The equipment performance index has reached the domestic leading level.

When white water is recycled, the fiber recovery rate is high, and water recycling is realized.
When the slurry is concentrated, the slurry concentration is high.
High degree of automation, convenient operation and reliable performance.
Compact structure, small footprint and large production capacity.

Vacuum Drum Washer

The fifth generation of self-developed Vacuum Drum Washer (national patent: No.ZL2008 2 0026182.X; No. ZL2008 2 0025892.0) is installed at a high position, and the suction effect generated by the water legs is used to generate a vacuum to allow the filtrate to pass through the slurry layer, which flows out from the water legs to achieve the purpose of washing.It is used in the washing of brown pulp and bleached pulp of various pulps, which can meet the needs of chemical pulp lines with an annual output of 50,000 to 300,000 tons. It is currently the preferred pulp washing equipment for small and medium pulp lines. Its performance has reached the international advanced level

The drum body adopts conical flow channel technology to improve the flow rate of the filtrate, and the production capacity per unit area is large.
The plane valve core adopts multi-point fixing technology, the vacuum degree is stable, and the blanking dryness is high.
Duplex side plate, overflow weir feeding, and split sealing technology, easy to operate and maintain.

Pressure Disc Filter

The new generation of white liquor filtration equipment in the causticization section of papermaking alkali recovery, with the help of positive pressure generated by compressed air, uses filter cloth and pre-hanging layer as filter media to complete solid-liquid separation.It can realize the dual functions of white liquor filtration and washing of the separated white mud at the same time. It is an ideal substitute for white liquor clarifier, white mud scrubber or pressure filter.

Using positive pressure filtration technology.
Small footprint and high production capacity can meet the production capacity needs of large pulp mills.
Using pre-hanging filtration technology, the white liquor has high clarity, and the suspended solids content is less than or equal to 20ppm.
The dryness of the white mud is high.
The white liquor yield is high, up to 95%.
White liquor loses less heat, energy saving and environmental protection.

Green liquor high efficiency clarifier

It is used for the clarification of the original green liquor in the causticization section of alkali recovery. The original green liquor is processed by the green liquor high-efficiency clarifier to obtain clear green liquor and green mud.

Small footprint and large production capacity (compared to the traditional green liquor clarifier of the same specification, the production capacity is increased by more than 5 times).
Adopt small reducer, small load and low energy consumption.
The new liquid distribution method, the liquid distribution is even.
The middle overflow can reduce the disturbance of the green liquid, and the clarification effect is good, generally lower than 60ppm.
The structure of the mixing chamber is added, so that the flocculant can be fully mixed with the original green liquor to improve the clarification efficiency.

Pre-coat Filter

With the help of the vacuum generated by the vacuum pump, the solid-liquid separation is realized by using the filter cloth and the pre-hanging layer as the filter medium.Pre-hanging technology can obtain better filtrate clarity and higher dryness under higher vacuum

Using pre-hanging filtration technology, the material has high dryness and low residual alkali content.
Adopting the continuous updating technology of pre-hanging layer, the dryness of blanking and the output are stable.

Efficient Wash Press

The principle of displacement pressing is adopted to realize continuous dewatering and displacement washing of pulp, which is suitable for pulp types such as chemical pulp, chemical pulp and dissolving pulp.

The spiral cloth pulp is used to make the pulp uniform and the output per unit area is high.
The filter area is large and the pulp concentration is high.
One key to open the structure, easy maintenance.
Servo hydraulic system realizes accurate online gap adjustment and stable pulp concentration.

Single Screw Press

The spiral structure design of variable diameter and variable pitch is adopted, and different compression ratios are used for different materials.During the movement of the slurry, the volume gradually decreases, and the extruded filtrate flows through the filter plate in the pressing zone to the filtrate tank.Adjust the pressure of the back pressure device at the discharge end and the speed of the screw shaft to control the dryness and output of the discharge

The special structure design prevents the material from slipping, and the discharge dryness is stable.
Compression ratio optimization design, high dehydration efficiency.
Fully enclosed design to prevent odor and filtrate overflow.
Scope of application: dewatering of straw pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wood pulp and other pulp in the paper industry, concentration of tobacco leaves and stems in the tobacco industry, and concentration of various sludges.

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