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Tube Downflow Film Evaporator Tube Downflow Film Evaporator


Tube Downflow Film Evaporator

Product Description

Using crystallization evaporation technology, it has the characteristics of high evaporation efficiency, low scaling rate, less foaming, no blockage, long operation period and high concentration of black liquor.

1. The internal recirculation pipe, in addition to providing a preheating area, can also reduce the cost of investment, installation and maintenance, and reduce heat loss;

2. The recirculation pump with fixed spring avoids the application of expansion joints and prevents the leakage of black liquor due to the damage of expansion joints;

3. Using the advanced black liquor distribution system dedicated to the top, the black liquor is evenly distributed through all the tubes, so that the falling film is balanced;

4. The heating chamber is divided into two areas: light pollution and heavy pollution.The special structure design makes it run like a stripper in the light pollution area.The condensed water collected in the light pollution area contains a small amount of COD, and the COD content of the condensed water collected in the heavy pollution area is high, and the main COD is concentrated in a small amount of condensed water;

5. The air chamber is equipped with a special mist separator with extremely high performance.Less than 10 ppm of vapor solids leaving the mist separator;

6. The application of crystallization technology can greatly reduce the fouling phenomenon of the evaporator, and the black liquor with a high concentration of 80% DS can be obtained when the concentration of the first effect is increased.


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