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Vacuum Drum Washer Vacuum Drum Washer


Vacuum Drum Washer

Product Description

The fifth generation Vacuum Drum Washer, which is independently developed, adopts high-level installation, and uses the suction effect generated by the water leg to generate a vacuum, so that the filtrate passes through the slurry layer and flows out from the water leg to achieve the purpose of washing the pulp.It is used in the washing of brown pulp and bleached pulp of various pulps, which can meet the needs of chemical pulp lines with an annual output of 50,000 to 300,000 tons. It is currently the preferred pulp washing equipment for small and medium pulp lines.

1. The drum body adopts conical flow channel technology to improve the flow rate of the filtrate, and the production capacity per unit area is large;

2. The plane valve core adopts multi-point fixing technology, the vacuum degree is stable, and the blanking dryness is high;

3. Dispersing type pressing and stirring technology is beneficial to slurry mixing and improve washing effect;

4. Duplex side plate, overflow weir feeding slurry, split sealing structure, easy to operate and maintain.


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