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Pre-coat Filter Pre-coat Filter


Pre-coat Filter

Product Description

With the help of the vacuum generated by the vacuum pump, the solid-liquid separation is realized by using the filter cloth and the pre-hanging layer as the filter medium.The pre-hanging technology can obtain better filtrate clarity and higher dryness under the action of higher vacuum; the continuous updating technology of the pre-hanging layer can keep the pre-hanging layer in a good filtering state, prolong the replacement cycle of the pre-hanging layer, and ensure stability yield and dryness.

1. Using pre-hanging filtration and automatic scraper discharge technology, the filtrate has good clarity, high dryness and low residual alkali content;

2. Using the technology of continuous replacement of pre-hanging layers, the dryness of the blanking and the output are stable, the replacement cycle of the pre-hanging layers is prolonged, and the production capacity is improved.


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