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White Liquor Disc Filter White Liquor Disc Filter


White Liquor Disc Filter

Product Description

The new generation of white liquor filtration equipment in the causticization section of papermaking alkali recovery, with the help of positive pressure generated by compressed air, uses filter cloth and pre-hanging layer as filter media to complete solid-liquid separation.It can realize the dual functions of white liquor filtration and washing of the separated white mud at the same time. It is an ideal substitute for white liquor clarifier, white mud scrubber or tubular pressure filter.

1. The positive pressure filtration technology is used to effectively increase the filtration pressure difference, increase the permeability of the filter cake, and improve the production capacity per unit area;

2. Innovative disc structure and synchronous reciprocating scraper unloading structure to realize white mud pre-hanging technology, filtrate clarity ≤20ppm;

3. Through the air stirring device, the effective stirring of the causticized emulsion is realized, and the precipitation of white mud is prevented.


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