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GD type folded belt vacuum drum filter GD type folded belt vacuum drum filter


GD type folded belt vacuum drum filter

Product Description

GD type folded belt vacuum drum filter is a filter equipment that continuously suction, de-dry and automatically discharge under the action of vacuum.This product is especially suitable for concentrated filtration and de-drying of materials with low solid-liquid concentration, fine particle size and high viscosity.According to different materials, GD type folding belt filter is divided into GD, GDY, WGD and other structural forms.

working principle:

GD type filter is a filter cloth walking type solid-liquid separation equipment.During the working process, under the action of vacuum suction, the liquid in the tank penetrates the filter cloth, enters the distribution valve through the suction pipe, and then enters the vapor-liquid separator from the liquid outlet pipe of the distribution valve and then discharges, and the solids remain in the filter cloth. A filter cake is formed on the upper surface, and the filter cake is automatically unloaded by the unloading roller driven by the walking filter cloth.The filter cloth enters the cloth washing box through the automatic deviation correction device, is regenerated under the double-sided washing of high-pressure washing water, and then returns to the surface of the drum after passing through the tensioning roller to start a new filtering work (program).

Application areas:

Filtration and dehydration of the fermentation broth of raw materials such as penicillin in the pharmaceutical industry

Filtration and dehydration of metal hydroxide slurry, coal preparation wastewater, copper ore

Filtration and dehydration of corn gluten

Filtration and Dehydration of Wheat A Starch

Deslagging of citric acid fermentation broth


Personalized design to meet the needs of different customers

Large production capacity, low moisture content of filter cake, easy to discharge

Simplified process layout and good economic benefits

High filtrate clarity and high material recovery

Excellent production environment, simple and convenient operation


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