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GWJ type crystallizer GWJ type crystallizer


GWJ type crystallizer

Product Description

working principle:

The GWJ type crystallizer adopts two sets of cooling circulation systems inside and outside. The barrel is equipped with a spiral ribbon stirrer, the end face is equipped with a scraper, and both ends are equipped with mechanical seals.Horizontal installation, crystallization equipment with circulating water cooling to precipitate crystals.During the working process, the saturated crystallization liquid is injected from the feed port on the upper part of the crystallizer, and the temperature is gradually lowered under the joint cooling effect of the spiral tube and the circulating water in the jacket of the cylinder.The crystallized liquid adheres to the surrounding of the crystal and grows up gradually.The spiral ribbon stirrer makes the crystal seed and crystallizing liquid in the barrel mix evenly, avoids the generation of pseudo crystals, and ensures the uniform size of crystal particles.After a certain period of time, the crystal liquid gradually decreases, and the crystal gradually increases to complete the crystallization process.

Application areas:

Crystallization of glucose liquid

Crystallization of sodium glutamate, xylose and xylitol

Crystallization of tartaric acid and malic acid

Crystallization of chemical products such as salts in the chemical industry

Crystals of sodium gluconate and calcium acid


Personalized design to meet the needs of different customers

The transmission device has a compact structure, stable operation, high efficiency and low noise.

Reliable mechanical seal performance, good sealing performance and low failure rate

The gap between the spiral belt and the cylinder is small, the stirring is uniform, and there is no agglomeration.

Advanced cooling water circulation system, good cooling effect and high crystallization efficiency

The inner cylinder is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.


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