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YT type pre-coating vacuum filter YT type pre-coating vacuum filter


YT type pre-coating vacuum filter

Product Description

YT type pre-coating vacuum drum filter is a high-efficiency and fine solid-liquid separation equipment with pre-coating technology added to the ordinary drum filter.It has been widely used in medicine, food, sugar, chemical and other industries.This product is mainly suitable for occasions where filtrate is required, but no residue is required.

working principle:

The working principle of YT type rotary drum filter is basically the same as that of general vacuum rotary drum filter.The main difference lies in the pre-coating of filter aids (such as diatomite, perlite, etc.)During filtration, under the action of vacuum suction, the filter aid in the tank forms a pre-coating of the required thickness on the outer surface of the drum, and then injects the slurry to be filtered. Under the action of vacuum suction, the separated filtrate permeates through. The precoat and filter cloth are discharged through the suction pipe, the liquid collector, and the vapor-liquid separator, while the solid particles in the slurry are retained by the precoat, and the surface layer of the filter aid is continuously scraped by the automatically fed scraper.When the residual thickness of the pre-coating is about 10mm, the pre-coating needs to be re-applied for the next working cycle.

Application areas:

Filtration of various sugar solutions (glucose, maltose, dextrin, fructose, sucrose, etc.)

Filtration and slag removal of fermentation broths such as Thaleromycin and Spectinomycin in the pharmaceutical industry

Filtration and deslagging of fermentation broths such as amino acids and enzymes

Filtration and deslagging of wine lees and rice wine lees

Filtration and deslagging in the food, beverage and juice industries

Filtration and deslagging of wastewater from chemical industry

Filtration of food additives such as carrageenan


Personalized design to meet the needs of different customers

High filtrate clarity with pre-coating technology

Automatic scraper unloading, high filtration efficiency

The drum surface can be designed to spray, and the material washing effect is good

Serialized process equipment, easy to install and use

Excellent production environment, simple and convenient operation


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